Why Some Realtors Find Homes on MLS Before Anyone Else

Why Some Realtors Find Homes on MLS Before Anyone Else

It can be frustrating when a buyer is consistently beaten out of a listing by the competition. The realtors who find these listings before anybody else work diligently to understand the platform and keep their connections open for news on leads and upcoming listings. Successful realtors also use their experience to spot overlooked gems and market themselves to the buyer and seller pool. When searching for West New York homes for sale, here’s why some realtors find homes quicker than others.

Understand the platform

Success on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) comes down to understanding how the platform works. More experienced agents will be familiar with a platform’s layout, the different functions available, and the areas included in a search. This makes their research much quicker and more effective, leading to a faster home purchase or sale for their clients.

Rather than being local or regionally based, the NY State MLS is a statewide platform available to licensed brokers and agents based in the area. This means professionals must tailor their search among all property types across 62 counties and NYC’s five different boroughs. Realtors who successfully use this platform have methods in place to narrow a search and are proficient in using the platform’s new tools and technology.

Use multiple search methods

Realtors helping their clients find West New York homes for sale don’t just search once for available listings in the area. Rather, they search multiple times a week using different methods. A realtor may make a quick search in FlexMLS which allows them to filter by property type, property subtype, area, town, and many other home specifics. Realtors can also search on a map by creating a shape delineating the boundaries.

If a realtor has specific information about a listing, they can type the listing’s number in a Radius Search. This type of search also works with addresses. An MLS provides realtors with tools like open house searches, Realtor Property Resource Advanced Search, and resources to conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Using more than one search method is integral to finding the most listings.

Time a search correctly

A speedy realtor knows when to time their search to find the newest and largest amount of listings. Most sellers list their West New York homes for sale on Thursday for a faster sale while avoiding listing their homes on Sunday. Thursday listings give buyers enough time to find the property and schedule a home showing for Saturday or Sunday. Realtors working with buyers align their search with this pattern to get the first pick of new listings.

Know what to look for

An experienced agent has a honed eye for what makes a listing desirable or not to their clients. This experience makes them less likely to overlook a listing a typical buyer might not consider in their independent search. Agents find the most options for buyers by keeping their search criteria broader. This opens up possible listings that could be a good match despite not fitting all their client’s criteria.

A realtor also knows not to rely too heavily on the listing photos. Bad-quality photos may be concealing a great home and vice versa. Additionally, photos only describe the parts of the home that are visible to a buyer and exclude things like its age, systems, and surrounding location. Instead, a realtor will assess the listing description to check if it meets their client’s needs.

Are well-connected

Realtors who always seem to get to a listing first are usually well-connected to other buyers’ agents, sellers’ agents, local developers, and the buyer/seller pool in the area. These connections start small with family and friends who may lead realtors to other valuable people within the real estate sphere. This opens up agents to receiving leads from sellers or useful information from other realtors.

Agents put in the time and effort to network all across the real estate sphere and its intersecting disciplines, including home stagers, mortgage lenders, and local developers. A local developer can give realtors insider information on where new properties are being built, what existing properties are being converted, and the timeline for when new construction will be completed.

Buyers searching for West New York homes for sale can gain a lot by working with a realtor with years worth of experience and established connections. New agents building their network may branch out by warm calling and cold calling for leads. Whatever way a realtor gains their insights, having connections at the ready primes them to find listings quickly.

Market their brand

A realtor works to make their brand easy to find for interested parties. A realtor who markets their brand is more likely to capture the interest of buyers and sellers, generating listings and competition in the area. There are many ways to market online and offline, such as through making a personal website, being active on social media, creating emails for past and current clients, and using SEO content that leads clients to the realtor’s profile.

For the most effective marketing, an agent times their content with local trends and interests. This ensures a realtor maintains a steady stream of interest. Other offline tactics like direct mail can also be effective if done correctly. Use original methods that catch a buyer’s eye and stand out against the junk mail received on a daily basis.

Ready to work with a realtor?

An effective realtor has many tools to optimize an MLS search. A complete understanding of the platform and its functions are essential to finding the most listings in an area. Experienced realtors know when to look and what to look for, opening up more opportunities to find a great listing. Realtors who stay well informed via an established network of connections can use insights to find listings as well. When you’re ready to start a home search, contact one of the agents at Team Francesco for expert help.

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