The Best Season to Sell Your Home in Hoboken


The Best Season to Sell Your Home in Hoboken

Many people are surprised to learn they can make more money on Hoboken houses for sale by choosing the right time of year to put their homes on the market. Too many people simply sell their homes when it’s convenient for them or when lifestyle changes demand a move. If you already know that you will sell your home and have a flexible time frame, you could benefit from thinking critically about the best time of year to put your home on the market.

Best time of year to sell a home

In a normal year, average sales prices are highest during late spring and early summer. Buyers are excited to get out and shop for homes as temperatures begin to rise and days become longer. Some are eager to contribute their tax refunds to their down payment, while others hope to move quickly after the school year ends so they can relocate to start a new school in the fall. Many sellers know that this is a good time of year to put their home on the market and will target these months, but demand is often strong enough to keep up with the increase in supply.

The worst time of year to sell a home

The market usually remains active through August before cooling down in September. By the time October and November come around, the market is pretty quiet. The same families ready to purchase homes in November are now busy driving children to and from school and extracurricular activities. Others are distracted by making holiday plans or working towards end-of-year professional goals.

Sometimes you’ll find someone who wants to complete a home purchase before the end of the year to lock in the tax benefits, but this isn’t the most common occurrence. Normally sellers must experiment with creative marketing strategies or price drops if they want to attract greater interest to their listings during these months.

Best day of the week to list a home

You can also raise your chances of success by choosing the right time of the week to put your home on the market. Some people feel it’s better to publish a listing early in the week so buyers have plenty of time to plan to see the property during the coming weekend. Others believe that you should list a home on Friday or Saturday so that weekend shoppers have a better chance of seeing your property at the end of the workweek.

You can give yourself the best chance to connect with both groups by listing your home on Thursday. By listing your home on Thursday, you’ll give weeknight shoppers one more chance to see your home before the weekend, and you won’t fall too far down the list by the time Friday evening and Saturday morning roll around.

Worst day of the week to list a home

Try to avoid listing your home on Sunday. Most shoppers won’t check for new listings on Sunday because they are busy with other tasks. Open houses often occur on Sundays, and many serious shoppers will attend these events. Others may be distracted by spending time with family or preparing for the upcoming week. In any event, you shouldn’t expect much attention if you publish your listing on Sunday.

Monday also isn’t the ideal day to put a home on the market. Even though buyers are more likely to see your home on a Monday, most will still have to wait several days before they can schedule a time to see it in person.

Best time of day to list a home for sale

Many sellers know Thursday is a good day to list a home, but they don’t think critically about the best time to publish their listing. The MLS often gets flooded with new listings early Thursday morning. The problem is that most buyers don’t have time to check for new homes until the workday ends. You could list your home early Thursday morning and still be on the second page of recent listings by the time evening comes. To avoid falling behind other homes, you should target Thursday afternoon around 5:00 p.m. as the best time to publish your listing. You won’t miss many buyers during the day, and you’ll raise your chances of remaining close to the top of the list when evening comes around.

What else can I do to increase my home’s visibility?

Partnering with an experienced real estate agent is one of the best ways to enhance your marketing efforts. Your agent will help you develop a solid marketing plan that will help you engage buyers through several different avenues and mediums. They will assist you in your home staging and advise you on choosing an asking price that commands the greatest amount of attention while still maximizing your profits.

Nobody understands the market for Hoboken houses for sale as well as Team Francesco. Their group brings over two decades of market experience into each transaction. Contact their office if you have more questions about when to sell your home or if you’re ready to list your home on the market. They will be happy to help you!

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