Never Worry About Selling Your Home Again

Never Worry About Selling Your Home Again

Many people approach selling their homes with some level of fear and hesitation. This is completely understandable. Selling a home is a massive undertaking, and it’s natural to have questions about where to begin. Thankfully this isn’t a process you have to go through alone. Below is a detailed breakdown of the entire process of selling Hoboken real estate. If you still have questions after reading, reach out to Team Francesco, and they will be happy to assist you.

Choose the right season to sell your home

This may come as a surprise, but you can make more money by choosing the right time of year to put your home on the market. Buyer demand is often higher during the late spring and early summer. The return of tax refunds and the end of the school year correlates with longer days and warmer temperatures.

These factors work together to create an atmosphere ideal for shopping for homes. Sellers who put their homes on the market during April and May often find that they are able to sell for higher average prices. If you have some flexibility on the timing of your sale, targeting late spring or early summer could be a great way to increase your profits.

Put your home on the market on Thursday afternoon

You can also increase your odds of selling for a higher price by choosing the ideal time to make your listing public. Most people believe Thursday around 5:00 p.m. is the best time to list a home for sale. Listing your home on Thursday afternoon will give weeknight shoppers enough time to plan to see the home during the upcoming weekend. You also won’t fall too far down the list when weekend shoppers log on to check for new listings on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Price your home in a way that commands greater attention

As you think about where you’ll price your home, a good first step is running a Comparative Market Analysis that helps you better understand your home’s appraised value. Once you have this information, you can look at the current availability of homes in your price range to better understand what you’re up against. Perhaps there’s a gap in your market section where your home could stand out as the only available option. This is a great way to stand out to buyers shopping in a particular price range.

Get an inspection before you sell

Most buyers will schedule their own home inspection shortly after they have a deal in place to purchase a home. The inspector will thoroughly examine the property’s interior and exterior before providing the buyer with a full report detailing the home’s condition. Most contracts include an option period or an inspection contingency that protects the buyer in the event that the home has significant damage or needs costly repairs. You can avoid these types of surprises by ordering your own inspection before you put your home on the market. You’ll be able to resolve various problems that could otherwise cause a deal to fall apart.

Depersonalize your home

As you prepare your home for professional pictures and in-person showings, you’ll need to take down any personal items, such as family pictures and college diplomas. Leaving these items up can create an unwelcome distraction for prospective buyers as they look at your home. They may feel like they are invading someone else’s space rather than having the freedom to envision what the home would look like if it were theirs. Go ahead and pack these things up and prepare to bring them with you to your next home.

Use social media marketing to your advantage

There are a number of marketing strategies and avenues that will help you as you prepare to sell your home. Social media stands out as one of the top options because of the many people that log into platforms such as Facebook and Instagram daily. They make it easy to connect with prospective buyers because of the direct contact they can facilitate.

If someone sees your home listing and wants more information about the property, they can simply respond with a comment or a direct message to you or your real estate agent. Facebook also allows users to run promoted ad campaigns that target specific demographics based on age or geography. These ads are inexpensive, but they can easily enhance your reach and help you cast a wider net to attract buyers to your listing.

Partner with an experienced local real estate agent

Most sellers find that working with a trusted real estate agent makes selling their home much easier than it would have been otherwise. Your agent can help you through every step of the selling process. They will advise you on how to choose an asking price for your home that is competitive and gives you the best chance of maximizing your profits. They will assist you in your marketing and staging efforts and communicate with you in the days and weeks leading up to closing so that you’re fully prepared to sign papers at the table. You’ll thank yourself for choosing not to sell your home without help.

Team Francesco has been helping clients sell Hoboken real estate for the last twenty years. They have built a reputation throughout the Hoboken area thanks to their superior marketing and negotiating skills. They truly care for their clients and take great pride in helping each person reach their unique real estate goals. Contact their team if you have more questions about selling your home or are ready to put Hoboken real estate on the market. They would love to partner with you.

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