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A spacious living room with a couch, two armchairs, a coffee table, a rug, and a large window with a city view.

When preparing to sell your home, earning top-dollar is often the highest priority. One of the easiest ways to achieve an above-market bid is to have your home properly staged. Homes can sell 87% faster and generate 5%-15% more money than their un-staged counterparts, according to The National Association of Realtors and Forbes, respectively.

Team Francesco are experts on the trendy and luxurious houses for sale in Edgewater. We can help you achieve your goals if you're ready to sell your property. However, before proceeding with a sale, we want to delve into the benefits and secrets of staging and discuss how to stage your home to resemble a magazine photo.

5 benefits of staging a home

If you're unsure whether to stage your home, our answer is definitely yes. In our experience, property staging is a fantastic way to entice a buyer and help them see the beauty and charm of a property.

Allows buyers to envision themselves in your home

Staging depersonalizes the home, encouraging buyers to picture themselves in warm and inviting spaces. Creating a clear canvas for the buyer helps them envision their future in the home, whether they're throwing a dinner party in the dining room, sipping coffee in the breakfast nook, or relaxing in front of the fireplace on a chilly winter evening.

Prioritizes unique features of the home

Interior styling allows you to guide the buyer's eye towards particularly desirable elements of the home, such as the expansive living area or bright open kitchen. Adding extra floor lamps or replacing older fixtures helps draw buyers in, as it makes the home look brighter and more inviting. Staging also helps increase the visual appeal of listing photographs and can highlight areas you want buyers to notice, such as a beautiful view from the bedroom window.

Increases the size of a home

An empty space, whether in pictures or in person, always appears smaller than it is. When you remove furniture, wall hangings, and appliances, it can be difficult for others to imagine their items fitting into that space. With a proper layout of furnishings and a favorable visual balance, the right audience will see their belongings filling that area.

Enables realtors to capture amazing photographs

Approximately 41% of people initially look online for newly listed properties, and approximately 76% of buyers only search for a home after establishing an idea of what they want. Therefore, a picture can truly speak a thousand words, and staging allows you to take advantage of this. For optimal results, photographs of your property need to be visually appealing. This includes lighting so your property can stand out among hundreds of other listings.

Increases sales profits

Staging is key to helping buyers see the value and beauty of a property. Up to 81% of buyers' agents stress the importance of a properly staged home, saying it helps clients visualize the property as their home. After staging the property, enhanced photographs, 3D video imagery, and other tools can help you market it as a home they won’t forget. From there, buyers may be willing to pay up to 20% more to call it home.

How to stage a property

Now that you see the importance and value of staging, it's time to think about how to do it professionally. To ensure your listed home rivals a magazine cover, consider these professional staging tips:

  • Declutter, clean, and store personal items: To successfully stage a property, remove photographs of your family from the walls and tables, store clothing or other items in closets, and pack away children's toys and other personal items.
  • Make necessary repairs: TLC should be given to your property during staging. This may include changing light fixtures or appliances to update the space, painting walls, or repairing anything damaged or broken.
  • Stage the key areas of the home: Not all areas will require staging. Consider prioritizing the kitchen, dining room, primary bedroom, and living rooms, as buyers frequently base their home purchases on these areas.
  • Bring in neutral colors where necessary: Not everyone wants brightly colored walls or eclectic furniture. Neutral colors will help buyers make the space their own without worrying that their style will clash with the space.
  • Clean up outside: Never underestimate the power of fantastic curb appeal. Pay special attention to tree or shrub trimming, pressure washing, repainting mailboxes, and sprucing flower beds.
  • Remove strong odors: When showing your home to a visitor, it should be fresh and homey. If you have to paint before listing, ensure enough time to air out the home before showing it to buyers.
The process can be less stressful if you hire a professional to stage your property for you. This is where we come in! Team Francesco knows the right people and can connect you with expert stagers, contractors, handypersons, and cleaning services. We also provide help in other ways if you need us. Professional contractors and stagers know all the tricks to help you depersonalize, helping to ensure your buyers can imagine the luxurious lifestyle they will have in their new home.

Why trust Team Francesco?

Team Francesco has extensive experience and a unique understanding of the real estate industry. We help home sellers connect with the right homebuyers and dedicate our efforts to assisting our clients to move on to the next stage of their life. A big part of that is doing all we can to ensure sellers get their asking price or above and helping those looking for properties for sale in Edgewater to find their dream homes.

If there is something we cannot do for our clients, such as staging your home to look like a magazine cover photo, we have connections that will ensure everyone is delighted with their experience. If you plan to sell and search for your forever home, please contact us and tell us what we can do for you. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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