5 Ways to Increase The Number of Offers on Your Home

5 Ways to Increase The Number of Offers on Your Home

Homeowners planning to list Weehawken, NJ, homes for sale share similar goals and objectives. Home sellers often want their homes to sell quickly and for the highest possible price. The key to achieving both goals is to end up with many interested buyers who will put offers on the table. So, how can a seller increase the likelihood of having multiple offers? This article will provide five tips for increasing the number of offers on your home.

1. Use a reputable agent

If you are like most home sellers, you are far too busy to market your Weehawken real estate effectively. The selling process is time-consuming and can also be complex, stressful, and require a great deal of expertise. If your end goal is to get as many offers as possible, you must have a proven marketing strategy and a keen understanding of the local real estate market. For these reasons, partnering with a reputable real estate agent is advisable. An experienced agent is invaluable; their professional assistance will help you achieve your home-selling goals. If you’re on the hunt for the right agent, Team Francesco is made up of real estate experts with a proven track record of results.

2. Prepare the home for sale

Your agent will recommend that you take ample time to prepare your home before listing. This is wise advice, particularly if you want your home to garner a lot of interest from the pool of potential buyers. Properly preparing a home can be time-consuming and somewhat expensive, but you’re unlikely to get as many offers without it. The Weehawken real estate market is usually very competitive, so anything you can do to make your home stand out will likely be a substantial benefit in the long run.

The most challenging part of preparing Weehawken homes for sale is decluttering. Even if the house's main living areas are not cluttered, it’s also beneficial to ensure that closets, basements, garages, outbuildings, and any other storage areas on the property are cleared of excess. While you are removing clutter, take a moment to pack up family photos and other personal items. Depersonalizing the home makes it easier for buyers to envision it as their own. Since it will be necessary to eventually either pack those things up or get rid of them before moving, taking care of them now is a great way to lessen the load in the future. Many sellers will use storage units to get those excess items off-site.

After removing the clutter, the interior and exterior of Weehawken homes should be thoroughly cleaned, repaired, and repainted. Having fresh paint and a clean appearance throughout the home elicits a positive reaction from buyers. Just be sure to select neutral paint colors, as shades that are too dark or bold can be off-putting.

And finally, to make your home look like something from an interior design magazine, it is recommended that you hire a professional home stager to make every space look luxurious and inviting. Taking time to make your home look as new and beautiful as possible will make it stand out from the crowd stimulating more interest and offers.

3. Understand the market

A thorough understanding of the Weehawken real estate market is crucial to devising the most effective marketing strategy for selling your home. The real estate market changes continually, so marketing efforts must consider current conditions. Every geographic area will undoubtedly have certain seasons of the year that are better than others for listing a home. In most cases, the best seasons are spring and summer, and the worst season is winter. Your agent will offer advice about the best time of the year for selling Weehawken homes.

4. Price it accurately

Understanding the current Weehawken real estate market is also necessary when establishing the listing price for a home. Launching a listing with the wrong price can seriously undermine selling efforts. When the market is hot, many sellers make the mistake of pricing a home too high, hoping to benefit from competition and bidding wars. Although that strategy may pay off in select cases, most of the time, it backfires. A home priced too high above market value can turn off potential buyers, resulting in less competition for the home, a slower sale, and bids below the asking price.

Likewise, individuals with Weehawken, NJ, homes for sale can make the mistake of pricing the home too far below market value, hoping to lure in buyers who see it as a bargain. With many “bargain shoppers” vying for the sale, the seller anticipates a bidding war that will drive the price above market value. This may be possible, but more often than not, an extremely low price will induce suspicion, as buyers will wonder if there are significant issues with the home.

The best course of action is to set the price accurately from day one. Experts agree that setting a price slightly below Weehawken's real estate market value is the best way to get a lot of attention. This strategy sets the home apart from similar homes priced higher without triggering suspicion and concern. As multiple buyers express interest in the house, your chances of receiving multiple offers will increase.

5. Have a marketing plan

Increasing the number of offers made when selling Weehawken real estate will require a comprehensive marketing plan. With nine out of 10 home buyers beginning their search online, it’s essential that your listing is eye-catching and stands out. If you’ve gone to the effort of having the home professionally staged and prepared for sale, you can rest assured that half the battle has already been won. The next step is to have a professional real estate photographer capture the beauty of your home and property with numerous high-resolution images.

Photographs, video walk-throughs, and drone footage enhance a home’s listing and grab buyers’ attention. Your agent will use these assets and comprehensive details about Weehawken, NJ, homes for sale to craft a compelling description for your home’s listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). In addition, your agent should also use those assets to create videos and posts for social media, featured home pages on their agency website, and both digital and printed ads. These efforts will ensure that your home’s listing gets in front of as many potential buyers as possible, which is the key to generating multiple offers.

Ready to sell?

As you prepare to sell your Weehawken real estate, you will need a proven marketing strategy if you want to end up with multiple offers. Part of that strategy will involve taking the time to properly prepare and stage the home to impress. You will also need a keen understanding of current market conditions to select the right time and price for listing your home. Using a real estate agent with a track record of success and an excellent reputation will be a valuable asset for selling your home. Team Francesco has the knowledge and experience to create a multi-faceted marketing plan to generate multiple offers. For more information on how Francesco Mazzaferro and his talented team of agents can help, contact them today.

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