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Nestled on the banks of the Hudson River just across from Midtown Manhattan is the township of Weehawken. There are plenty of reasons why residents like living here, and its ideal for those that love the pace of urban living in the greater New York metropolitan area. Weehawken is just under 1.5 square miles, but it looms large in the hearts and minds of the residents that love it.

Weehawken real estate is in high demand as more home buyers look to live close to all the entertainment and action. The homes for sale in Weehawken range from townhomes, row houses and apartments to single family homes near parks and shops. Home buyers will want to put Weehawken real estate at the top of their search lists.

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Weehawken’s population is approximately 14,500 residents and it is located in Hudson County. It was first settled in the 1640s and was known as one of the most prosperous colonies in New Netherland. Agriculture and ferry service boosted the local economy until the Revolutionary War, when Weehawken’s ridges, rises and bluffs became a popular place for Americans to spy on British maneuverings. In the 1800s, Weehawken was a top transportation and shipping hub, and also welcomed wealthy New Yorkers seeking to escape the big city. Today, Weehawken is a prime bedroom community for those working in New York, but it also boasts a strong local economy based in retail, business, communication and more.

Weehawken is bordered by West New York in the north, the Hudson River in the east, Hoboken in the south and Union City in the west. The major road that bisects the city is Route 495 which leads into Manhattan. There are several notable neighborhoods in Weehawken that include The Heights, Uptown, Waterfront and Downtown. The view from Weehawken has led to strict regulations on high rise buildings so that all may enjoy the panoramic scenery. With the perfect blend of residential and commercial development, Weehawken is the ideal place to live in the greater New York area.

Weehawken has many community amenities that residents should appreciate. Public schools are managed by the Weehawken School District and the Weehawken Public Library provides events, education and more for residents of all ages. Ferry, bus and light rail all provide public transportation in Weehawken and beyond. When residents want to get around, they have plenty of options by land, sea or air.

Residents of Weehawken have plenty of things to see and do in the city and in surrounding communities. The historic Weehawken Water Tower, King’s Bluff Historic District, the 9/11 Memorial and the Alexander Hamilton Monument are top sites for visitors. Other attractions include Hamilton Park, Reservoir Park, West Shore Railroad Tunnel, Weehawken Public Library, Hudson River Performing Arts Center and much more.

Home buyers with Weehawken real estate in their sights are going to really enjoy what’s in store for them. With so many reasons to love living here, home buyers will do what it takes to own one of the homes for sale in Weehawken.